Green Dragon skipper Ian Walker comes clean while Telefonica Black's Mikel Pasabant dodges flying fish


We are now coming up to a week at sea and it is passing quickly thanks to great downwind conditions. It is starting to get very warm down below making sleep harder.

The main events today were the numerous attacks of flying fish one of which hit Andrew and one hit Damian full in the face. I now see what the helmsman’s driving helmets are for. The other less fortunate event was Neal having to cut his wedding ring off to save a finger that he bashed. The swelling was getting pretty big so the hacksaw came out – sorry Lisa I am sure it can be fixed in Cape Town and you can make him by you a diamond while he is at it!

Guo (Guo Chuan – MCM) is doing some great work with the various cameras although Justin had to do a bit of editing after recounting some tales of his youth without realising the camera was on.

Back in the nav station Ian (Moore – navigator) is smiling for the first time since we lost miles at the Canaries as we seem to have done well on the fleet by hitching out hard West.

It is a complex weather situation and anything could happen at the Doldrums. For now at least we are back snapping at the heels of the leaders – we thought for a while it could have been even better but the wind didn’t shift to the right as hoped.

As always spirits are high on the Green Dragon and we are rattling on South at 20 knots into a nasty head sea and towards the inevitable meeting with King Neptune at the equator – I am more worried about this right now than any sched positions.

Ian out


Hi everyone

As you remember, we had a slight problem the other day with our chute… We thought we had more than a problem: that of the sail itself and the loss of miles if we couldn’t get it repaired. Good.

Thanks to the legends sailing this boat we had it up again and the result is as it is now: getting closer and closer to the rest of the fleet. Just 14 miles behind TELEFÓNICA AZUL! Sailing as demons sail!!

Another problem we face is the Attack of the Flying Fish! Those sardines with wings get so surprised when they see us surfing down a wave at 20 knots that they jump in every other direction and of course all the way through the boat! Imagine us ducking as in a shoot- out! $%**^!*!! Sardines! Ha ha!

Life on board goes in a smooth way, routine and shifts, perhaps only missing a couple more cookies and chocolate, but we must pay attention to our doctor’s and trainers committee who are the ones who know how things go well, and the good thing is that we are eating and drinking very well, so that’s good. Some say they are even getting fatter and fatter! Good!


Mikel Pasabant – MCM

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