Watch the latest videos from Sam Davies on Roxy as she works enjoys some downwind racing

Sam Davies has been working hard this week keeping up with the newer boats, but she’s been finding time to shoot some video of the sailing. Here are some of the latest clips, giving a taste of life on Roxy.

Her latest report from on board is below, so keep scrolling down for that.

“Phew…. I think that could have been worse…

Last night I went past the island of Santo Antao, the most western island of the Cape Verde’s. I was careful to leave 60 miles between the island and me to avoid any wind shadow. I had checked the satellite images that there were no nasty areas of no wind. BUT, between the time I checked and the time I arrived, something had changed. And consequently I plonked myself in a patch of light wind. PANTS!

So, to take my mind off the fact that I had finally let Dominique overtake me, I got out my iPod and listened to some music in the cockpit. I kept an eye on the sail trim at the same time, as in the light and shifty winds it is important to trim to perfection, and I did NOT want to give away any more miles than necessary.

Although I am a bit frustrated, the consolation is that (except for Dominique) I think the option to pass West of the islands will gain some miles on the others later. And it was soooo nice to chill out in the cockpit, all alone, in the warm pitch black night, as Roxy trickled along gently! I am making the most of each moment of the race.

Sam x”