The next boats to finish are slowed by light breeze

Arnaud Boissières (Akena Vérandas) is now north of the finshing latitude – and still climbing – as he looks for the best route through the wall of light winds, which protects the Bay of Biscay.

His speeds have slowed from around 11 knots during the night to seven as he heads on a course towards Brest. He is under the influence of lighter winds now and should start to see 5-10 knots NE’lies though the breeze does seem very unsettled. Akena Vérandas has less than 450 miles to sail.

Steve White (Toe in the Water) is more than 100 miles north of the Azores after passing about 12 miles off Flores yesterday evening (at about 20:00 GMT). His speeds have been consistently in the region of 12-13 knots. He has lost miles to seventh place Arnaud over the last few days, but should regain some while he’s able to still enjoy good winds.

Rich Wilson (Great American III) is in the ENE’ly trade winds of 15-20 knots and has at least another 700 miles of the same conditions. The American was making 10.3 knots early this morning.

Raphael Dinelli (Fondation Océan Vital) is 150 miles offshore of Recife making six to nine knots and has 500 miles to the Equator, while 530 miles behind him Norbert Sedlacek (Nauticsport-Kapsch) has been consistent at 10 knots of boat speed all night.