Jean Le Cam speaks about the moment VM Matériaux capsized

Today Jean Le Cam made his first comments during a live video link-up from PRB (pictured) about the last 48 hours:

“I was on the phone to Vincent and felt a shock, something unusual. The boat went over, but not very violently. I think it may have been a container floating just under the surface. There are a lot of boats in the area.

I jumped to get my clothes and survival gear [and] made a little nest in the bow section. Upside down it is normal that the stern is lower in the water. I felt like someone who has just woken from a long sleep – difficult to explain what it was like during the incident.

I always had in mind that I would have to leave the boat. I didn’t know how long I could stay in a 10 cubic metre space. I heard Vincent clearly once and thought I heard him again later, so?it was time to get out. The stern section had flooded so I returned to bow, but then I told myself that I needed to get out.

I had capsized before with Tabarly, so I knew that I would need to attach myself to the rudder, so I took a rope with me. Thankfully Vincent saw something coming out. Once outside I told myself to grab the wind generator and immediately saw Vincent. I caught [his] rope after a few attempts and set about consolidating the mast and gybing straight away.”