Velux renews sponsorship of 5-Oceans Race which starts in 2010 20/9/07

The Velux Group has announced the renewal of its title sponsorship of the 30,000- mile Velux 5-Oceans Race which starts in 2010.

Commenting from the Grand Pavios Boat Show in La Rochelle yesterday Michael Rasmussen, CMO for VELUX, commented: “Our sponsorship of the 2006/07 race confirmed for us that this event is symbolic of Velux key values – daylight and fresh air – and that the sponsorship also matches our strategic and commercial objectives?”

Although the Velux Group, and the race’s British promoter, Clipper Ventures Plc, have not disclosed the amount of the sponsorship agreement, the investment has significantly increased from the previous race.

Exact details of the race/course are yet to be finalised but it is likely the race will start in either France or Spain in autumn 2010. A Race Advisory Board, comprising sponsors and previous competitors such as Alex Thomson, Derek Hatfield and Bernard Stamm has been set up to ensure the race continues to develop successfully.