Velux 5 Oceans Race will not form part of IMOCA championship calendar 10/10/07

Following the recent announcement in September of Velux continued sponsorship of the 5 Oceans yacht race, today (October 10) saw IMOCA, the international governing body of the Open 60 Class, announce that the next edition of the Velux 5 Oceans Race in 2010 would not form part of the provisional championship calendar of events.

IMOCA cited their desire to offer a simple concept and a balanced calendar offering a round the world race every two years, focusing on the Vendee Globe in 2008 and the Barcelona World Race, which will be moved to 2010.

Responding to the announcement by IMOCA, David Adams, Race Director of the VElux 5 Oceans Race commented: “We are disappointed not to be included on IMOCA’s calendar at this stage. The IMOCA World Championship is an important part of a Class which is seeking to organise itself more effectively. The reason the Velux 5 Oceans Race wants to be on the IMOCA calendar is so skippers win points toward that championship. With so many new boats being built for the next Vendee Globe, this is an exciting time for the Open 60 Class. There are more boats for skippers to access for an increased number of quality events.”

Clipper Ventures Plc will announce the format for the 2010/11 event at the London Boat Show in January, outlining details on the course and the benefits offered to skippers to ensure their costs are kept as low as possible, as well as a range of new ideas which will further internationalise the interest in this classic event.

The Velux 5 Oceans Race remains open to every IMOCA member and indeed anyone with the ambition, technical skills, stamina and personal character required to complete The Ultimate Solo Challenge with a safe and well funded campaign. The Race Management Team equally hopes to continue discussions with IMOCA over the coming months to explore any possible solutions to work together.

David Adams continued, “The Race Management Team supports IMOCA’s move to better organise the class. We struggle however, with the idea that there is only room across four years for two round the world races, and that both should be non stop. We also believe that the Barcelona and Velux 5 Ocean races are fundamentally different events and appeal to different skippers and their sponsors.”

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