Stamm continues to maintain best speed as the rest of the V5O fleet struggle in little wind 27/2/07

While the back of the Velux 5 Oceans fleet experience light conditions in the South Atlantic, Bernard Stamm on Cheminées Poujoulat continues to make progress with an average speed of 15 knots, currently at latitude 18° 54.92 N and longitude 060° 52.28 W, with 1290 miles to the second leg finish in Norfolk, USA.

With Kojiro Shiraishi on Spirit of Yukoh trailing the Swiss skipper by 2893 miles sailing an average speed of 11 knots, Unai Basurko on Pakea is behind the Japanese skipper by 1195 miles and has slightly increased his speed to 10.1 knots from 9.73 knots.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Graham Dalton are sitting at a similar latitude of 41° with only 34 miles separating them in terms of distance to finish. Knox-Johnston and Dalton continue to experience light winds but there’s hope that more will be building from the northwest to around 25-30 knots, which will give them a good run in the next two days before it starts to move east. However, there’s a chance they’ll be affected by the ridge behind the system, but Sir Robin holds a good easterly position to steer clear of the no wind zone.