The 18ft Skiffs battle it out in Palau, Sardinia

The breeze in the Golfo della Saline arrived later than usual yesterday (Thursday 10 June), and it was decided that the scheduled long distance race would be postponed. After the boats had been held ashore for about an hour, a breeze of 8 to 10 knots allowed three races to be held on conventional courses.

As nine races have now been sailed, and the second discard comes into play, the scores are narrowed and Omega Smeg has a lead of only one point from Computer Associates.

Grant Rollerson, Glenn Raphael and Chris Cleary on Fisher & Paykel maintained their form yesterday, and came home with 3, 3 and 2, which puts them only two points behind Computer Associates.

Radii is normally sailed by Andy Richards, Andrew Fairley and Dave Richards, but Richards was unwell yesterday and Manfreda Cavazza proved to be an able deputy; they improved as the afternoon went on, and finished with 12, 7 and 6. After discarding the two highest scores, they remain in fourth position on points, ahead of Howie Hamlin, Tony Hannan and Jonni Meers on West Marine, and the leading Italian team of Mario Ziliani, Mauro Bettazza and Alberto Dell’Acqua on Dildo.

Positions after 9 races, 2 discards, subject to protest:

1. Omega Smeg, Trevor Barnabas, Phil Hebden and Trent Barnabas 14 points

2. Computer Associates, John Winning, Anthony Young and Euan McNicol 15 points

3. Fisher & Paykel, Grant Rollerson, Glenn Raphael and Chris Cleary 17 points

4. Radii, Andy Richrads, Andrew Fairley and Dave Richards/Manfreda Cavazza 27 points

5. West Marine, Howard Hamlin, Tony Hannan and Jonni Meers 33 points

6. Dildo, Mario Ziliani, Mauro Bettazzi and Albero Dell’Acqua 36 points

7. Exel, Stephan Rueger, Veli Marti and Corsin Camenisch 38 points

8. Link Associates, Tim Penfold, Matt Alvarado and Will Penfold 46 points

9. GP Covers, Flemming Clausen, Thomas Ebler and Soren Clausen 47 points

10. Henri Lloyd, Peter Barton, Martin Borrett and Jonny Heissig 75 points