Kevin Shoebridge and team aboard Tyco left Assa Abloy and Amer Sports One behind to claim third place on the fourth leg of the VOR

Tyco crossed the Rio de Janeiro finish line in third place just ahead of Assa Abloy and Amer Sports One. At just after 1400 GMT, Tyco managed to get through to the line on the last of the breeze, leaving Assa Abloy stuck in no wind with Amer Sports One approaching from behind with good speed.

There was nothing Assa Abloy could do, as with just one mile to the finish she sat in a huge hole, and watched while Amer Sports One was catching her up at around seven knots. Fortunately for Neal McDonald and his team on Assa Abloy, the breeze filled in for them in time to hold off Amer Sports One.

Kevin Shoebridge from Tyco was very relieved to have two feet on dry land and said, “It’s always a relief to finish in the top three or four. The Southern Ocean part was really, really exciting, but it was dangerous. It really was. Some of the boats had a lot closer calls that we did, but we were missing ice by small bits and the level that the boats were getting pushed to were pretty extreme.”

Position Report, Day 24, 1500 GMT

1 ILBK (finished)

2 DJCE (finished)

3 TYCO (finished)

4 AART (finished)

5 AONE (finished)

6 NEWS (finished)

7 ATOO (130 miles to the finish)

8 TSEB (Retired)