Phil Sharp and Laura Baldwin ambassadors for Sail 4 Cancer's Keep it in the Dark initiative 5/6/07

Phil Sharp and Laura Baldwin, two of Britain’s most promising sailors join Sail 4 Cancer as ambassadors of the charity’s latest initiative ‘Keep it in the Dark’ to help raise awareness of one of the biggest cancer risks – skin cancer.

Sharp and Baldwin are determined and dedicated individuals representing Great Britain on the Olympic and offshore circuits with great success. Both understand the risks that being out on the water can pose to your skin and take the necessary precautions. Knowing that the reflective property of water increases the danger of over-exposure to UV rays, Sail 4 Cancer’s new ambassadors are keen to reinforce the importance of protecting ourselves. Laura Baldwin said, “As a full time Olympic campaigning sailor I am in the sun all day, everyday, all year round! I do wear sunscreen but I am not as good as I should be about covering up. Sail 4 Cancer is doing a great job of making sailors more aware of the very real risks from the sun. From now on I’ll be keeping it in the dark!”

Keep it in the Dark has partnered with Fat Face, Gill, Liz Earle, Neilson Active Holidays and Ullman Sails Eyewear to produce a range of kit to help protect your skin from sun damage. Ranging from hats and UV protective clothing through to sun cream and sunglasses, a significant amount from each purchase will go to Sail 4 Cancer, helping to improve the quality of life for those living with cancer.

Sharp took victory in the Route de Rhum last year in the class 40 and finished nearly a whole day ahead of his rivals. Phil is keen to be involved with Sail 4 Cancer and will be fundraising on his home island of Jersey. Phil said, “As an offshore sailor I’m out on the water for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Protecting myself constantly is extremely important otherwise life can suddenly become a lot less comfortable, so I’m very supportive of this initiative from Sail 4 Cancer. Having the right kit and products means I don’t have to worry and can get on with doing what I love – winning races!”

Baldwins’s story is inspirational. She represented Team GBR at the Athens Olympics just six years after learning what a wind shift was. Laura is now training rigorously to qualify for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, but is prepared to take time out to support Sail 4 Cancer. “I am proud to support Sail 4 Cancer,” said Laura. “Having lost friends to this disease and because of my love of sailing, this charity couldn’t be closer to my heart. The team does a wonderful job, it’s really touching the great work they do. I look forward to being a part of the Sail 4 Cancer team and will embrace my role as an ambassador.”

To find out more on how to protect yourself from the sun and to get your hands on some great kit click here. 
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