Laura Baldwin has exceeded expectation and achieved at top 10 results at the Europe Europeans

Laura Baldwin has exceeded expectation and achieved the best result by a British sailor in the Europe since Shirley Robertson retired from the class after winning the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics.

On the final day in sea-breeze conditions Baldwin scored an eighth and a fifteenth at the Europe Europeans, which saw her jump into the top ten and finish ninth overall and seventh European. She had sailed a consistent week and the signs were good early on when she scored a first place in race three.

Siren Sundby, the world ranked number two sailor from Norway, scored only two results out of the top five to win the championship by two points from the defending champion Sari Multala of Finland. Third overall was Sarah Macky of New Zealand with the bronze European medal going to Trine Abrahamsen of Denmark, who finished fourth overall.

A delighted Baldwin commented: “I am speechless! I have been working really hard over the winter training in Palma and have familiarised myself with the conditions. I have also spent two weeks training with some of the top international Europe sailors and this has really pulled my game up. I have exceeded my expectations at the event and am thrilled with the result.”

Overall Results (Open)

1, Siren Sundby, NOR (3,1,2,1,1,3,2,(15),4,(21)) 17 pts

2, Sari Multala, FIN (2,2,2,1,(9),1,1,2,(BFD),8) 19 pts

3, Sarah Macky, NZL (1,2,(9),4,4,4,6,4,(24),2) 27 pts


9, Laura Baldwin (4,7,1,9,12,13,(32),(44),8,15) 69 pts

33, Andrea Brewster (18,33,25,16,3,26,(52),8,(45),7) 136 pts

55, Nicky Muller (25,17,26,14,(DSQ),28,(54),48,46,48) 251 pts