Today's Pepsi-sponsored Angostura Sail Week's lay day was the one of the most colourful, exciting events of its kind

When the locals in Tobago say there’s going to be a party you can be sure it’s going to be one big event. Today’s Pepsi-sponsored Angostura Sail Week’s lay day was the one of the most colourful, exciting events of its kind, and to say competitors had the time of their lives would be an understatement.

The fantastic location of the Tobago Hilton just round the coast from the main sailing base at Crown Point, played host to the event and despite the previous night’s ‘Express yourself party’ which went on to early hours of this morning, crews turned out by the coach loads to enjoy the spectacular facilities of this, one of the most exotic hotel resorts on the island.

Party time kicked off at midday to allow crews to show the other teams what they were made of in the three-legged race and tug-of-war. But the highlight of the day had to be the legendary Tobago goat racing which attracted 100s of spectators and competitors. As the stars of the show (the goats) arrived at the Hilton, crews made their way to the start line to prepare their steeds for an action-packed ‘death’ run. While many crews were clearly ‘led up the garden path’ by their goats, other were obviously experienced ‘goat runners’ and were able to clean up the prizes. Wearing shoes is a hot tip for next year!

As the sun set and full moon glistened down on the breaking waves, partying and dancing continued well in to the night, rounding off another spectacular Caribbean day.