Brian Thompson has been chosen to take command of the the record-breaking yacht Qatar 2006 in a quest to win the Oryx Quest 2005

Quest International Sports Events (QISE) today announced that world-class sailor Brian Thompson has been chosen to take command of the newly sold, record-breaking yacht Qatar 2006 (formerly Club Med and Maiden II).

Thompson is regarded as one of the most experienced and successful sailors currently on the international racing circuit. Qatar 2006 will compete against three other prominent multihull sailing giants, including Tony Bullimore’s Daedalus and Olivier de Kersauson’s Geronimo in the grueling 21,000 mile Oryx Quest 2005. In addition to his key role on the record-breaking circumnavigation aboard the 38.1M catamaran Cheyenne, Brian Thompson has just finished 2nd in the Fico-Lacoste World Championship of offshore sailing. Thompson was also co-skipper on Maiden II when the yacht set a new 24-hour speed record of 694.78 nautical miles in June 2002.

“Brian is an incredible talent,” said QISE CEO, Tracy Edwards MBE. “Earlier this year he sailed as watch captain aboard Cheyenne when they set a new fastest circumnavigation record. He knows his way around the world and he knows this boat. Brian is ideally suited to sail Qatar 2006 to win this race.”

Thompson added: “I know this boat and I am very happy to be in command for the Oryx Quest 2005. This is an amazing yacht and I feel confident that it will be in top condition for the race. I am pulling together my crew and even though we will be racing against some tough competition, I think we have a great chance of winning.”

Qatar 2006 is currently in Doha, Qatar undergoing preparations to be refitted for the race.