Brian Thompson updates on his future 12/1/07

The news of Brian Thompson leaving Artemis Ocean Racing has, not surprisingly sparked rumours of his future sailing plans and raised questions as to why the partnership between himself and Artemis has come to a premature end.

On 7 July last year at special press event at St Katherine Dock in the City of London to announce the new sponsorship partnership see previous story here, the Artemis/Thompson future looked bright but six months on things are looking a lot decidedly different. Although Artemis is continuing along its intended sailing path with Jonny Malbon now heading the team as skipper see earlier story here , Thompson is no longer involved.

Chatting about future sailing plans Thompson told this morning: “I do not having anything to add but what I will say is that I had a good year with Artemis.”

Given his amazing sailing cv which includes 25 world records and more multihull and swing keel miles than possibly any other British sailor it is highly unlikely that Thompson will do anything other than pursue a high-profile yacht racing career.

In typical Thompson humour he added: “I’m actually driving the train at the moment to Waterloo! No only kidding, I’m not becoming a train driver. But hopefully everyone will assume I will let you know my plans immediately something happens.”