Mike Perham is forced to return to port only an hour after leaving

Mike Perham (17) – the teenager hoping to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world – had hoped to start the next phase of his journey yesterday (Tuesday 5 May) after getting the weather window. However, technical problems on board forced the British skipper to return to port.

Mike explains: “I was all set to leave yesterday morning (Monday 4 May) but after seeing the weather – and being advised by Mike our weather router – I decided to hold back and leave today instead. A low pressure had tracked it’s way up a little more north than expected and was giving 40-50knots of breeze with a very active front passing by. I spent the morning chilling out, and in the afternoon went out with the next door neighbour to do a good bit of rock climbing at the local wall which was good fun.

“[On Tuesday 5 May] the sun was shining and it was a really pleasant morning; the weather window looked fantastic and I was feeling really excited about finally leaving. I was down at Totallymoney.com bright and early to clear customs. With that all done and with the fresh food all on board stored, I took a tow out into the Derwent river. The sails were hoisted up and the rib left me to my own devices to sail down the river. And then the alarms started?

Here is Mike leaving Hobart, Australia, before having to turn around.

“The pilot was throwing out alarms for no wind despite there being a good strong breeze. This really got me down as it happened within an hour of leaving the dock! I made quite a few calls and after about half an hour I spun Totallymoney.com round, dropped the sails and headed back with the knowledge that the new pilot processor would be in a plane this evening and with me very early the next morning.

“So ‘Take 2’ obviously didn’t make the cut and I’m going to have to wait another day to see ‘Take 3’ be put into action. We’ve found a couple of people to help with the installation, which is great. The support from the B and G guys down here has been fantastic and they’ve been a real help in getting this new part out straight away.

“So it’s now a case of standby for Take 3!”

To follow Mike, visit www.totallymoney.com/sailmike .