Peter Ralls - Chairman of Cowes Week Working Party - with an update on new format for Cowes Week 9/10/06

The Cowes Week Working Party (representing Cowes Combined Clubs and Cowes Week Sponsorship Limited), tasked with reviewing the current arrangements for the regatta and planning for the future, is grateful for the large response it has had to the on line questionnaire and for all other correspondence and information received from competitors, class associations and other interested parties.

An analysis of this material indicates no clear mandate to change the format of the regatta to a two week event. Accordingly the working party will be recommending that the event stay as one week.

The Working Party will undertake further analysis of the information provided to produce a number of detailed options for the continued improvement of a one-week regatta, taking account of a number of the very useful suggestions which have been submitted.

All race management issues will be considered further by Cowes Combined Clubs in the next few months; nevertheless we are publishing our conclusion in respect of this critical issue today because of the concern expressed by a number of interested parties and also to assist those planning other arrangements dependant on the outcome of our deliberations.