Team News Corp is the third boat to cross the finish line of the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race

Team News Corp crossed the finish line in Cape Town at 05:57:17 GMT this morning.

In storm force winds the crew has spent the last 48 hours cold, tired, wet and hungry. To make matters worse, one crew member, Jo Spooner, was thrown across the cockpit, cut his head and had to be stitched up immediately.

Despite their last minute medical emergency and a tactical error earlier in the week when they headed too far south, the crew is pleased with the boat’s overall performance and happy with third place in this first leg of the VOR. “There’s no significant damage to the boat – we’ve had a few sails in half but that’s usual. The boat’s fantastic, whenever we lined up against anyone else we felt we had pace, we’re very happy with the boat and the crew.” commented Jez Fanstone (skipper).

Meanwhile, Tyco and Assa Abloy are in the heavy stuff as well, reporting big and confused seas. The wind also started picking up for SEB, Djuice and Amer Sports Too, who can hold a straight course towards Cape Town for the first time in days.

Positions 0600hrs

1 ILBK finished

2 AONE finished

3 NEWS CORP finished

4 TYCO (188 miles behind NEWS CORP)

5 AART 386 miles behind NEWS CORP)

6 TSEB (1008 miles behind NEWS CORP)

7 DJCE (1026 miles behind NEWS CORP)

8 ATOO (1134 miles behind NEWS CORP)