Team Kan-Do, the Chesapeake Bay entry in the next Volvo Ocean Race, has announced the start of its racing crew selection process

Team Kan-Do, the Chesapeake Bay entry in the Volvo Ocean Race Round the World 2005-2006, has announced the start of its racing crew selection process with a review committee led by world class Annapolis sailor Terry Hutchinson.

Hutchinson, an America’s Cup and Volvo Race veteran plus holder of multiple world championship titles, is a member of the Team Kan-Do Global Advisory Board. He has agreed to lead a hand-picked review committee which will begin the daunting challenge of wading through the mountain of sailing crew applications that Kan-Do has received.

With the launch of the Kan-Do web site in October 2003, competitive sailors worldwide were invited to apply to join this global team of individuals that exemplify a positive view of life, can be role models, and, as a group, are determined to help each other reach the pinnacle of ocean racing. Professional sailors with former VOR/Whitbread, America’s Cup, and BT Challenge experience were encouraged to apply as skipper, navigator, and watch captains. Other slots were designated for sailors who may not be professionals but have reached significant levels of experience in one-design, maxi and offshore racing. Team Kan-Do remains committed to their hybrid crew concept, and is clearly focused to build a team capable and determined to achieve an overall podium finish. Applicants were advised that the selection process included a formal application, team building, psychological and physiological testing and significant time sailing.

The resulting avalanche of several hundred applications surprised the Team and confirmed the notion that there is a huge interest in such an opportunity. A large untapped group of talented people eager and determined to race responded. The majority of individuals interested in racing for Kan-Do include high profile professionals with America’s Cup, Volvo Race, Olympic and Open 60 racing experience, who are not only interested in competing but more specifically want to help broaden the attraction of the sport and embody the concept and philosophy of Kan-Do. An impressive mix of everyday citizens with highly-qualified backgrounds that dare to dream also applied. Hutchinson will assemble a group that will begin a first review to determine which of the applicants will make the second round and be invited for a more detailed screening and eventually receive invitations for sailing trials.

Expressing appreciation for Hutchinson’s leadership of this effort, Bischoff said: “We have been delighted to have Terry on our Team Kan Do Advisory Board. His sailing acumen and accomplishments on the water stand for themselves and we are happy that Terry will head our efforts to build a team capable of competing for a podium position in the Volvo Ocean Race. We have received so many applications that we must start the screening process now in order to give everyone a fair chance and be able to roll right into sailing trials and training once these start.” The Volvo Ocean Race starts 12 November 2005 in Vigo, Galicia, Spain and ends in June 2006 in Northern Europe.