Global aventurer Adrain Flanagan en-route to Honolulu discovers a craving for sweet food 27/3/06

Adrian Flanagan, now nearly five months into his solo westabout global record attempt, is progressing slowly towards Honolulu to pick up essential supplies.

Flanagan set sail from Falmouth on 28 October aboard Barrabas, an 11m stainless steel sloop and rounded Cape Horn on 20 February but damage to the boat has forced a pit stop.

Enjoying life working his way up the Chilean coast Flanagan now reckons his developed a craving for sweet and stodgy food. Confirming his beliefs Flanagan sent his latest e-mail: “my breakfast now consists of coffee and Barrabas Pancake – oil, flour, oats, sugar (lots) and evaporated milk blended together and deep fried. Once cooked, I consume it rapidly with a coating of condensed milk.

“I have also taken to making twice daily tours around deck, at dawn and dusk armed with my spear gun peering over the sides, particularly at the bows and stern for any fish who believe they have found the protection of the mothership but which to me might look good in a curry. No joy as yet.

“I have now gone a considerable length of time without seeing a singly sign of human habitation on the planet – not a single aircraft or the lights of a faraway ship. The last ship I saw was just prior to going round Cape Horn – 12 February.

“We are making good progress downwind towards Hawaii, though there is a doldrums belt either side of the equator which doubtless will slow us down. Most of the time I am running dead downwind with the headsail poled out on one side and the boom carrying the mainsail out at right angles to the hull on the opposite side. With the swell coming up from astern, the boat does roll quite dramatically – but of course this provides an excellent excuse to lie down.”