Baird remains undefeated on the second day of the Swedish Match King Edward VII Gold Cup

A total of 32 matches were raced on Hamilton Harbour yesterday during the Investors Guaranty Presentation of the King Edward VII Gold Cup, the second event on Swedish Match Tour 2003/2004, and the Bermuda International Women’s Match Racing Championship.

American Ed Baird of Team XL Capital remained the only undefeated skipper in the unseeded men’s competition of this match racing classic, while Bermudian Paula Lewin of Team Ace Group maintained her spotless record and position atop the women’s standings.

In Group 1 action, five skippers posted records of 2-1 on the day, including the three skippers, New Zealand’s Cameron Appleton of Team Triangle Rigging, fellow Kiwi Cameron Dunn and Italy’s Paolo Cian of the Riviera di Rimini Sailing Team, currently tied for first place in the Group with overall records of 4-1.

In the morning’s action, in Group 2, American Ed Baird of Team XL Capital remained undefeated after dismissing his opponents Sweden’s Magnus Holmberg of Team Continental Airlines, fellow American Bill Hardesty and Great Britain’s Andy Green of Team Renaissance Reinsurance.

Three skippers are knotted on three wins including local favourite Peter Bromby of Team Ace Group, who roared back from a disappointing first day to win all three of his matches yesterday morning.

Joining Bromby on three wins is Scott Dickson of the Dickson Racing Team and Hardesty. With only the top three finishers from each Group advancing to the main draw as well as the finalists from the Bermuda International Women’s Match Racing Championships, the action on Monday will be furious as no doubt a countback situation will come into play to determine at least one of the skippers who will move on to join the seeded group later this week.

In the Bermuda International Women’s Match Racing Championship, Lewin was joined by the United States Deborah Willits at 2-0 on the day, while Sweden’s Jenny Axhede of Team Panorama split her results today and is at 3-1 overall with Willits, enjoying the tie-breaker over her American competitor.


Unseeded Skippers – Group 1

1.Cameron Appleton, NZ/Team Triangle Riggins 4 wins 1 loses

2.Cameron Dunn, New Zealand 4 wins 1 loses

3.Paolo Cian, ITA/Riviera di Rimini Sailing Team 4 wins 1 loses

4.Staffan Lindberg, Finland 3 wins 2 loses

5.Kelvin Harrap, New Zealand 2 wins 3 loses

6.Adam Barboza, BER/Team Bacardi 1 wins 4 loses

7.Matthew Gregory, USA 1 wins 4 loses

8.Maxim Taranov, Russia 1 wins 4 loses

Flight 3

Barboza def. Gregory

Cian def. Taranov

Appleton def. Harrap

Lindberg def. Dunn

Flight 4

Appleton def. Gregory

Lindberg def. Cian

Dunn def. Taranov

Harrap def. Barboza

Flight 5

Dunn def. Appleton

Harrap def. Lindberg

Gregory def. Taranov

Cian def. Barboza

Unseeded Skippers – Group 2

1.Ed Baird, USA/Team XL Capital 5 wins 0 loses

2.Peter Bromby, BER/Team ACE Group 3 wins 2 loses

3.Scott Dickson, USA/Dickson Racing Team 3 wins 2 loses

4.Bill Hardesty, USA 3 wins 2 loses

5.Mattias Rahm, SWE/Team Stena Bulk 2 wins 3 loses

6.Blythe Walker, BER/Team Bacardi 2 wins 3 loses

7.Andy Green, GBR/Team Renaissance Reinsurance 1 wins 4 loses

8.Magnus Holmberg, SWE/Team Continental Airlines 1 wins 4 loses

Flight 3

Bromby def. Hardesty

Dickson def. Walker

Baird def. Holmberg

Rahm def. Green

Flight 4

Baird def. Hardesty

Dickson def. Rahm

Walker def. Green

Bromby def. Holmberg

Flight 5

Baird def. Green

Holmberg def. Rahm

Hardesty def. Walker

Bromby def. Dickson

Bermuda International Women’s Match Racing Championships

1.Paula Lewin, BER/Team Ace Group 4 wins 0 loses

2.Jenny Axhede, SWE/Team Panorama 3 wins 1 loses

3.Deborah Willits, USA 3 wins 1 loses

4.Sally Barkow, USA 2 wins 2 loses

5.Elizabeth Kratzig, USA 2 wins 2 loses

6.Betsy Alison, USA 1 wins 3 loses

7.Sandy Hayes, USA 1 wins 3 loses

8.Klaartje Zuiderbaan, Netherlands 0 wins 4 loses

Flight 3

Axhede def. Kratzig

Barkow def. Zuiderbaan

Lewin def. Alison

Willits def. Hayes

Flight 4

Kratzig def. Alison

Willits def. Barkow

Hayes def. Zuiderbaan

Lewin def. Axhede