With anything up to three races scheduled for today, the final result of the Cagliari Grand Prix almost certainly sees Jean Le Cam on the podium, the other two available steps are still uncertain between Loïck Peyron, Franck Cammas and Lalou Roucayrol

Stakes are high today and depend greatly on the number of races that will be sailed before 1600. This morning there’s absolutely no breeze at all, but the sea breeze is likely to set in shortly after noon.

If only one start is given, Jean Le Cam is certain to climb on the podium, even with a last position finish, as he would only have 16 points, which is already better than Banque Populaire’s current count, 4th with 17 points. As for Loïck Peyron, his mast has been fixed during the night and should not be a handicap.

For many, hopes are resting on the fact that it will be possible to race at least twice today, which could see a change in the leader board as the first seven positions are separated by only a few points.

Cagliari Grand Prix overall provisional ranking after 4 races:

1- Bonduelle (Jean Le Cam) 8 points (2-2-2-2)

2- Fujifilm (Loïck Peyron) 12 points (1-1-1-9)

3- Groupama (Franck Cammas) 14 points (6-3-4-1)

4- Banque Populaire (Lalou Roucayrol) 17 points (3-5-6-3)

5- tied- Bayer (Yvan Bourgnon) 21 points (4-4-7-6)

6- tied- Foncia (Alain Gautier) 21 points (5-6-5-5)

7- Belgacom (Jean-Luc Nélias) 22 points (7-8-3-4)

8- Fila (Giovanni Soldini) 32 points (8-7-8-9)