Whyte and Mackay becomes title sponsor of the Earls Court Boat Show 30/1/07

Whyte and Mackay has put forward £1.2 million to become title sponsor of the Earls Court Boat Show which is due to take place from 1-9 December. This means that the Earls Court revival show, launched by an independent team comprising James Brooke and John Vincent on 14 January, is looking more and more likely to go ahead see previous news story here. 

At the official press announcement last night Brooke, Vincent, Paul Streeter (ex-Managing Director of the National Boat Shows) now Operations Director of the Earls Court Boat Show, and Nigel Nathan (Group Commercial Director Earls Court and Olympia) confirmed the reasons behind this interesting decision to run another London boatshow in addition to ExCel, saying: “We have the funding, the skills in place and a passion to deliver what exhibitors and visitors want.”

John Vincent – co founder of the Earls Court Boat Show – said: “We are a team with a vision with an aim to put the ‘show’ back into the show. We want to bring back the sense of community, sense of theatre and hopefully enhance the experience for visitors and exhibitors alike. We spoke to, and polled 200 people about their views on a boat show returning to Earls Court and 196 said they would prefer it.”

Although there is undoubtedly a strong positive opinion about a boatshow returning to Earls Court, the show’s success entirely depends on number of exhibitors willing to sign up. Whether or not those already exhibiting at the Collins Stewart London Boat Show would be tempted to exhibit at both shows or just one or the other is still unclear.

In questioning the team about how many exhibitors have signed up so far with just 10 months to go before doors open in December Vincent told yachtingworld.com: “We’ve had a lot of initial response. So far 200 companies have requested show packs and within those show packs are contracts. These packs go out in two week’s time ready for contracts to be signed. Paul [Streeter] is working on the show plan and space will be allocated in five weeks.”

Although the organisers were unable to divulge any company names at this stage they say that Riva has come onboard as a flagship exhibitor.

The intention of the organisers is to make the show accessible to all and most importantly to reach out to the next generation. Vincent explained: “Our sponsors Whyte and Mackay really want to be involved and are keen to promote watersports through all their brands which include Vladivar vodka, Glayva, Isle of Jura and Dalmore whiskies. We also hope to attract the likes of the Volvo Ocean Race organisers and really get them involved in creating interactive features to encourage children to take an active role.”

The organisers say they are totally committed to making the show work and, having secured Earls Court on a long-term rolling contract basis, hope to run it on an annual basis.

For more information go to www.earlscourtboatshow.com