The first event of 2003 UK Splash Class Association Traveller Series took place over the weekend at Wroxham Broad

The first event of 2003 UK Splash Class Association Traveller Series took place over the weekend at Wroxham Broad under the auspices of the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club.

The weather conditions were ideal, being dry and sunny, with a wind from the north/north-east varying from force 2-5 in the gusts.

There were 16 entries for the three races, each being tightly contested.

The first race started with a port-end bias, but a group of boats were over at the starboard end, so there was a general recall. Two boats were caught under the black flag rule, being over the line after the one minute gun. George Watson got to the first mark with a 50 metre lead which he increased on the first run down past the clubhouse – almost 100 metres ahead at the end of the run. Tom Marfleet was lying second until he capsized on the run, letting John Frary and David Ling through. After three laps of close racing the finishing order in the first race was George Watson, David Ling and Tom Marfleet.

The second race was started after a short lunch break, the wind having steadied down to Force 2. After a good start several boats got caught out with two windshifts on the first beat taking out a number of boats which started from the port end of the line. Chris Schonhut came round the first mark in the lead from Tom Marfleet, and held on to his lead until, just before the end of the first lap, Tom took the lead. He held this lead by a short margin until just before starting the last lap when his halyard broke, causing him to retire. Robert Friend succeeded in getting into the lead and held it finishing first from Chris Schonhut and Pippa Girling.

The third race started with a Force 3 gusting up to 5. A good start and a strong beat led to nearly all the fleet coming down the first run together. Tom Marfleet went round the leeward mark first followed by Tim Frary and David Ling. David then took the lead and held it to the finish, winning by over 50 metres from Jon Frary with Tim Frary third. Tom Marfleet had another halyard failure in this race.

Overall Results

1 813 David Ling

2 742 George Watson

3 708 Jonathon Frary

4 673 Tim Frary

5 427 Pippa Girling

6 1054 Rob Friend

7 1474 Chris Schonhut

8 426 Adam Barker

9 1627 Adam Chettleburgh

10 811 Louise Clayton

11 213 Tom Marfleet

12 1069 Matt Chettleburgh

13 1445 Hannah Young

14 1898 Catherine Friend

15 671 Ellen Stevens