Any Deckvest owner who has not yet registered their lifejacket should do so before using it this season

Spinlock are asking any Deckvest owner who has not yet registered their lifejacket to do so on before using it this season, and not later than 30 April 2011.

Since the Deckvest Update Advice was announced last November, a high proportion of Deckvest owners have completed their online Registration and, where advised, have had their Deckvest fully checked and Updated.

Every owner who Registers their Deckvest online, is entitled to receive Spinlock’s unique “Through Life Support” service for the life of their Deckvest.

Spinlock Deckvest update notice:

At the beginning of this year, Spinlock redesigned the inflatable component of the Deckvest, to eliminate potential defects and increase its long term durability. As a result, the warranty on each new Deckvest registered has been increased from 2 years to 5 years.

Spinlock are concerned that some earlier Deckvests may have a defect that could put an owner at risk. To remove this possibility they have announced their commitment to recall all previous ISO certified Deckvests and update the component to the 2010 standard.

Important Action Required: If you own an ISO Deckvest (with inspection window) you are strongly advised to enter its serial number at Precise instructions will be given if action needs to be taken.

Every Deckvest that qualifies for the update will be processed by the designated Deckvest Service Centre, promptly and completely free of charge. It will be returned to the owner, updated to the latest 2010 standard, with an extended 5 year warranty.

Deckvest owners are asked to apply for this update without delay and not later than 31 April 2011.

See for full information.