Telefónica MoviStar Sailing Team will fight for Spanish triumph

The Telefónica MoviStar Sailing Team, lead by Pedro Campos, will fight for the first Spanish triumph in the Volvo Ocean Race

After twelve years of Spain’s absence in the Volvo Ocean Race, the Telefónica MoviStar team shows up with the maximum triumph possibilities, thanks to the fusion of the world’s best professionals and their sound experience.

The Project is lead by Pedro Campos, nine times world champion and America’s Cup skipper. Mr. Campos will defy the Volvo Ocean Race for the first time in his well prevailed sports career.

With intentions of reaching his goal, Campos has produced team made up of the world’s best ocean race professionals; ocean races where high technology is tied to dexterity, team work, and the ability of ten people to be together under full top performance, night and day during 30 consecutive days (the distance between Vigo and Cape Town, on the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race).

The project will start to take shape immediately. In a few days the construction of the new VOR 70 in Australia and the crew’s selection by the Sports Committee will begin. The team will sail under the Royal Yacht Club of Sanxenxo’s (Pontevedra) insignia, representing Spain.

Telefónica MoviStar’s Volvo Ocean Race sports program will reach one of its most critical preparation moments when the team transfers to Sydney (Australia) to finish the VOR 70’s assembly. From there the crew will start their onboard training aboard the new vessel and all the way to Auckland (New Zealand), and after passing through Cape Horn, will go to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Mexico and the United States, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean and arriving to Europe and back to its base in Sanxenxo (Galicia, Spain).

Starting in April 2005, the final crew training and selection phase begins and lasts till November, when the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006 will take off from Vigo (Galicia,Spain) towards Cape Town (South Africa), on the first Leg of the ocean race.

Simultaneously, during this season, Campos will lead the Telefónica MoviStar team in the World Championships by countries – Sardinia Rolex Cup – that starting June 21st of this year, will be contented in Porto Cervo -in the island of Sardinia, Italy- and will try to remain his title on the Copa del Rey trophy.

The Telefónica MoviStar team faces the winning challenge in the Volvo Ocean Race after five years experience competing in various world sailing circuits, in which it has harvested many triumphs that rank it as one of the best European teams.Among its many winning titles are:

1st position at the Copa del Rey 2002 (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

1st position at IMS 600 World Championship 2002 (Bayona, Spain)

1st position at the 49er Worlds 2002 (Hawai, EEUU)

1st position at the 49er European Championship 2002 (Norway)

1st position at the Rolex IMS World Championship 2003 (Capri, Italy)

1st position at the IMS European championship 2003 (Croatia)

1st position at the Admiral’s Cup Offshore 2003 (Cowes, England)

3th position at the 49er European Championship (Laredo, Spain)

1st position at the 49 World Championship 2004(Athens, Greece)

1st position at the Vaurien World Championship 2004 (Pta. De Este, Uruguay)

2nd position at the IMS European Championship 2004 (Punta Ala, Italy)