The leaders are 24 hours out. No position for Foxall.

Time: 0900 19 Aug

Skippers/boats: 53

Distance to go: 243.20 miles

Leg 2: Bayona/Douarnenez (445 miles)

Lead: Gildas Morvan (Cercle Vert)

Weather: WNW 10 knots, flat sea

Gildas Morvan (Cercle Vert) has retained his lead for the last 24hrs ahead – by less than a mile – of Drouglazet and le Cam. After rounding the Gulf of Gascoigne marker buoy yesterday at 1900, the fleet are now under spinnaker on a direct route to Douarnenez in a WNW 10 knot wind. At an average speed of 6.8 knots, the top half of the fleet should arrive at the Raz de Sein at 1400 on Friday as the wind will die down later this evening.

In second & third, Eric Drouglazet (Carven Defenders) and Jean le Cam (Fleury Michon) are fighting it out against each other for overall victory in the 30th Anniversary of the Figaro. Le Cam is 0.2 miles ahead – still so close considering they have 220 miles to go to the Raz de Sein. Le Cam has a time of 4hrs and 49 minutes lead on Drouglazet so it looks like Le Cam is in the best position to take line honours.

Irish competitor Damian Foxall in Barlo Plastics, whose position is still not confirmed at this time, commented on this part of leg 3: “although it seems that this processional section of the race gives the skippers little chance to really attack until they get to the Raz de Sein, no one will sleep for fear of losing ground on this the most vital leg for determining overall positions in the Figaro. I’ve been awake for now over 48 hours, and am searching for extra bouts of energy to keep going on sail changes between spinnaker and genoa at every slight change of wind direction to get the best boat speed out of Barlo Plastics.”

Classifications at 0100hrs 19/08/99

1 Gildas Morvan – CERCLE VERT 243.20nm to finish

2 Eric Drouglazet – CARVEN DEFENDERS

3 Jean le Cam – FLEURY MICHON

International competitor s (Damian Foxall position unconfirmed lying in 4th position at 1900hrs 18 Aug):

16 Bruno Garcia (Spain) – IMPACT

32 Willy Garcia (Spain) – YATE

39 Alberto Spina (Italy) TECHNICOMPOSIT

Damian Foxall (Barlo Plastics) is lying in 9th position overall after Leg 2.