Canadians retain lead after race four on Lake Michigan

Light and unstable wind conditions were the protagonists of the third and fourth races at the Soling Worlds Masters on Lake Michigan yesterday.

This situation kept the race committee busy at each mark with course changes, and they had to shorten the last race where USA 842 (Stu Walker, Doug Loup, Andrew Dizer) finished just two and a half minutes before the time limit expired. Bill Abbott, his wife Joanne and Paul Davis (CAN 1) kept the overall lead after winning the first race with a tight finish against USA 842 and USA 807 with Joe Hoeksema his wife Rose and Matias Collins.

Jim Medley, Mark Hulbert and Raiden Hanegawa (USA 840) finished fourth in the second race and seventh in the first where he got redress after an individual recall error. His redress consisted of average points. USA 832 Charlie Kamps, John Walton, Vitas Kasiunas followed closely in fifth place in the overall results. They sailed very well in the light wind conditions with a great finish in the second race with a third place. ISV 1 with John Morgan and his wife, Kathy, and son Chris after a sixth place finish in the last race climbed to the same position in the overall standings.

Results (after race 5)

1 CAN 1 Bill Abbott Joanne Abbott Paul Davis 6 2 1 1 2

2 USA 842 Stuart Walker Doug Loup Andrew Dize 8 3 2 1

3 USA 807 Joe Hoeksema Matias Collins Rose Hoeksema 14 1 5 3 5

4 USA 840 James Medley Marc Hulbert Raiden Hasegawa 19 4 4 7 4

5 USA 832 Charlie Kamps Vitas Kasuinas John Walton 20 5 7 5 3