Twelve competitors gathered for the 40th annual Snipe Open at Blue Circle Sailing Club

Twelve competitors gathered for the 40th annual Snipe Open at Blue Circle Sailing Club, raced over 10-11 May 2003. Winds were generally West-south-westerly all weekend which made course setting difficult for principal race officer Derrick Crouch.

The first race was won by Iain Marshall and Guy Welsh who led from the gun, followed by reigning champions Sue Antonelli and David Cummins; Peter Wolstenholme and Chris Redman were third.

After lunch, the second race was won again by Marshall, closely followed by Alan Williams and Liz Crouch who posted their best finish. Sue Antonelli was third. The third race, sailed back to back was was won by Peter Wolstenholme and Chris Redman a junior sailing Snipes for the first time.

On Sunday there were two back-to-back races sailed either side of lunch. In the morning, Mark Antonelli and Chloe Ward marched away in the light airs to win easily from Wolstenholme. Then Mark’s sister Sue got her act together with three straight bullets, winning the fifth race in front of Mark Antonelli, and Iain Marshall’s third signalled a loosening of the overnight favourite’s grip on the Cup.

The sixth race was won by Sue Antonelli, followed by home sailors Richard Lambert and Robin Desmond; Marshall slipping to third. The final race confirmed Sue Antonelli as champion with another win in front of Wolstenholme and then Marshall. With four different winners and plenty of close racing, the event was enjoyed by all who took part.

Overall Results

1st S Antonelli/D Cummins Littleton SC 7.25pts

2nd I Marshall/G Welch Maldon YC 9.50

3rd P Wolstenholme/C Redman Wilsonian SC 12.75

4th A Williams/L Crouch Budworth SC 19.00

5th R Lambert/S Pocock/R Desmond Blue Circle SC 23.00

6th M Antonelli/C Ward Budworth SC 23.75

7th J Love/C Surridge Budworth SC 27.00

8th A Hoy/J Hoy Maldon YC 31.00

9th B Gregory/M Lett Blue Circle SC 37.00

10th R Barnes/H Sadzik Budworth SC 42.00

11th I Knight/B Knight Maldon YC 49.00

12th H Passingham/J Williams Blue Circle SC 51.00