Light airs continue at Topper world championship.

In the second race of the Topper world championship on Wednesday August 23, the wind filled in to 8-10 knots. However, with the course set too far under the cliffs there was less wind on the right-hand side. Tom Pratt GBR went early on the gate and stayed in the wind on the left-hand side of the course to lead at the windward mark from Rebecca Linsdale GBR and Aileen Ludlow GBR. The flood tide caused the fleet to sail too high on the second reach which allowed Richard Peacock GBR through to second behind Pratt. The left-hand side paid once again on the second beat with Pratt still ahead at the second windward mark from Peacock, Steve Wilson GBR and Keir Clarke IRL. As the leaders went down the run the wind dropped on the right-hand side of the course which left the tail end of the fleet stranded. Pratt elected to continue right from the leeward mark while Peacock and Wilson tacked off to the stronger wind on the left. The wind died completely on the course apart from the far left which allowed Peacock through to win from Wilson, Ludlow and Michael Thomson GBR fourth.

The course was moved for the third race but was still under the cliffs causing the left to be well favoured. Geremy Tomalin GBR led at the windward mark but was penalised by the jury for a rule 42 infringement which let Chris Grube GBR through to the lead with Ian Coppenhall GBR third and Connor Walsh GBR fourth. The second beat again favoured those on the left with the wind dying again on the right, this let Coppenhall through to the lead from the pathfinder Mark Heather GBR. Heather took the lead down the run and held on to it to the finish, second was Coppenhall followed by Walsh, Richard Peacock and Micheal Thomson.

Jenny Taylor GBR led the fleet round the windward mark in the next race from Richard Peacock and Keir Clarke with Simon Kearns fourth and Ian Slater IRL fifth. Again the wind dropped off completely with the back of the fleet struggling to make the first windward mark, the leaders again kept to the left of the course and the course was shortened at the windward mark. Richard Peacock claimed his second win of the day from Taylor, Clarke, Slater and Kearns although because of the jam of boats at the mark the race committee thought that two boats had finished ahead of Peacock.