Skipper of leading Clipper yacht quits race 16/3/06

An interesting situation has arisen in the Clipper 05-06 race with skipper David Pryce handing in his resignation. Pryce who, was skippering the leading yacht, quit the race on Tuesday via an e-mail to Race Director Tim Hedges.

Although we are currently unable to speak to Pryce about the reasons why he decided to retire as skipper from the race, Anna Wardley from the Clipper press office says he had his doubts about whether the race organisers can meet the date for re-start of the race on 25 March.

According to Wardley, Pryce, like most Clipper crewmembers had returned home for their forced break while the keel problems were being sorted out. And not being in Subic Bay seeing the work to the keels was progressing it was difficult for them to judge if the boats really would be ready in time.

The remaining nine skippers are now back in Subic Bay in preparation for the re-start in just over a week’s time. The problem the organisers now face is sourcing a new skipper in such short notice. Wardley commented: “It’s not as bad as it sounds because we always have a list of possible candidates available in case of such eventualities, although this one’s a bit more challenging with such short notice.”