For once, British Skiffs sailors blessed the high winds that kept them on shore during the European championship in Carnac. They were able to watch England winning their World Cup match

A strong, onshore south-westerly wind brought about the postponement of racing at the 18ft Skiff European championship at Carnac yesterday (Friday) leaving four races to sailed today.

There was one consolation for the British sailors marooned on shore yesterday however, as they were able to watch England winning their World Cup match against the Argentine. The Yacht Club de Carnac’s television area had room for the hundred or so spectators who greeted Beckam’s goal with a suitably loud cheer.


1. ‘RMW Marine’ Rob Greenhalgh, Dan Johnson and Jonny Meers, GBR, 14.7 points

2. ‘General Electric-US Challenge’ Howie Hamlin, Mike Martin and Chris Cleary, USA, 28 points

3. ‘Yandoo-d’Albora Marinas’ John Winning, Jack Young and Euan McNicol, AUS, 30.4 points

4. ‘Total Recall’ Tony Hannan, Cameron Macdonald and Greg Windas, AUS, 37.1 points

5. ‘Radii’ Andy Richards, Steve Mitchell and Dave Richards, GBR, 59.4 points

6. ‘Wempe’ Flemming Clausen, Thomas Ebler and Soren Clausen, DEN, 67 points