After getting little sleep in the last week, Knox-Johnston takes a rest and drops back to 5th 1/3/07

Log dateThursday 1 March 2007
PositionLat 36 17S Long 48 33W
Miles To Norfolk, USA5,513 nm
Distance In 24 Hours201.6 nm
Average Speed In 24 Hours8.4 knots

Saga Insurance has slipped back into fifth place as Sir Robin chooses a more easterly route than A Southern Man – AGD. Both skippers are taking a gamble with the weather information they have. Robin Knox-Johnston’s serious lack of sleep in the last week has forced him to concentrate on re-charging his own batteries as well as Saga Insurance’s. With undesirable weather forecast, it is crucial for Sir Robin to maintain a healthy psychology.

Coming up to the area where I expect the wind to change from easterly to Northerly and so tack towards the east within an hour or two. The grib files show north-north-westerlies up to Force 6 due shortly. Note I’m using Sat C for emails at the moment so most of your emails won’t get through for now.

At 17:40 GMT AGD passed a mile away. There was no response to a call on VHF Channel 16. We clearly have different appreciations of the weather but who proves right remains to be seen. Otherwise a quiet day, largely catching up on sleep and re-charging.