Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is joined by Britain's round-the-world sailors to mark his own sailing feat

One of the Country’s greatest sailing heros, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, marked 40 years since completing his (and the world’s first) single-handed, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe, by bringing together Britain’s sailing best under Tower Bridge in Central London.

The 70-year-old marked the milestone with a curry accompanied by fellow round-the-world sailors – including record-breaking Dee Caffari and Vendee Globe hero Steve White.

Sir Robin said, “I am delighted to mark the anniversary of my victory in the Golden Globe. Forty years ago nobody knew whether sailing alone around the world was even possible – but it was a time of change and adventure, as man landed on the moon and we extended the frontiers of possibility.”

“Of the nine starters in that inaugural race, I was the only one to cross the finish line. Completing the race onboard Suhaili was an important moment in pushing the boundaries of our sport. So much has changed since then, in terms of the size and speed of the boats, as well as the technology. However, the harsh realities and dangers of the challenge of sailing non-stop solo around the world remain the same.”

It was on April 22 1969 that Robin finished first in the Sunday Times Golden Globe race to worldwide acclaim, and became the first man to sail alone, non-stop around the world. His great achievement was toasted with Benromach Speyside Single Malt Whisky, distilled in the same year.