Read the first onboard report from the crew of the Dutch Yacht Winsome

We have been 24 hours onboard now. We are slowly getting used to our Swedish watch system which means 3 hours up/off in night time and 4 hours on/off during day time. we have the slowest boat of the fleet and are sailing with two other boats around us still.

Selene is next to us and Beluga is a couple of miles in front of us. we had plenty of wind, mostly between 25 and 35 knots all downwind, which is comfortable but not good for the sort of boat we race – a real S&S design ffrom the 1960’s, good upwind but not very fast down wind. Nevertheless we have sailed 204nm in the first 24 hours which could very well be a record for the boat!

You can track us by CLICKING HERE.

Last night we experienced why the foredeckers (who are also in charge of the food supply) bought so much food. We got a good dinner from them, and they even cooked with real ‘cook hats’. See pictures uploaded on

I am sure some of the boats are flying and others are having problems. From what I know Leopard – the record breaking yacht – had to return to port. I do not know why but i am really sorry for them. It is good fun out here, though this is just day one and there are many to come for us.

I’ll be back tomorrow, and hope i am still in the same good mood 🙂

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