Thomas Coville has been involved in a collision, incurring damage to the starboard crash box

At 15:40 GMT yesterday, Thomas Coville was involved in a collision. There was no direct impact on the boats ability to make headway. When he went up on deck to assess the situation, he discovered that the skin of the crash box at the front of the starboard float had come away, doubtless as a result of colliding with a pilot whale. A crash box is a sacrificial bow whose role is similar to that of a bumper on a car.

Sodebo’s shore crew has assessed the damage after studying the photo which Thomas sent out immediately and the structural integrity of the float has been preserved. Though it’s impossible to gauge the impact on the trimaran’s performance for the rest of the course, Thomas Coville is continuing on his way as before.

Currently sailing on port tack at a speed of 18/20 knots, Sodebo will switch to a starboard tack in a day or two, in an easing wind. On this same tack, which he is set to stay on till at least the North of Brazil, the windward float, namely the one that is damaged, will thus remain clear of the water.

In 30 knots of NW’ly breeze, the trimaran is making headway close on the NE’ly wind off the Falkland Islands with two reefs in the mainsail and ORC jib. At 14:00 GMT yesterday afternoon, his deficit in relation to Francis Joyon’s course had dropped to below 500 miles.

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