SEB has not only taken the lead in the VOR but has set a new speed record

Team SEB has taken the lead in the Volvo Ocean Race this morning, setting a new 24-hour mileage record for leg two and eclipsing Team News Corp’s previous mark (from Sunday) by an impressive 2.2 nautical miles.

Gunnar Krantz’s crew, the most northern team in the fleet, sailed 453.4 miles up to 10.10hrs GMT this morning, giving them an average speed of 18.89 knots. Krantz now has a four-mile lead over John Kostecki’s illbruck.

While SEB flies towards Australia, the reasons behind djuice’s fall from the top became apparent this morning. Knut Frostad’s team suffered another headboard car failure yesterday which Frostad estimates cost them 20 miles.

“Our new unbreakable headboard car came off the mast. It hadn’t actually broken, but the fittings that hold the slide rods broke off and then the whole car came off,” explained Frostad in an e-mail.

“Learning from the last leg we have a spare one with us and it took us about two hours with hardly any speed to get the main down, get the new one on and fix a couple of batten fittings that flew off during the same night.”

But their problems have not stopped there. “Also we now have a ripped mainsail,” continued Frostad. ” A two-metre tear in the bottom of the sail has caused us some worries lately. Trying to repair it properly is not very easy as the bottom of the main is constantly under heavy spray.”

Position Report, Day 10, 1000hrs GMT


2 ILBK (4 miles from leader)

3 AART (12 miles from leader)

4 NEWS (21 miles from leader)

5 DJCE (30 miles from leader)

6 AONE (158 miles from leader)

7 ATOO (526 miles from leader)