Although SEB still leads the VOR fleet, Assa Abloy, in second, is sailing seriously fast

Although Gunnar Krantz’s record-breaking Team SEB crew is retaining a 10-mile lead, Neal McDonald’s team aboard Assa Abloy, in second, is sailing seriously fast. During the night she cranked up the pace for one hour at least, sailing 21.9 miles in 60 minutes. “The waves lined up perfectly and we set a new record for Assa Abloy. For one hour we averaged 21.9 knots,The noise and motion during those bursts is so insane, everyone starts laughing hysterically, (usually initiated by Magnus).

“Unfortunately, the conditions won’t last, so no long-term record expected, but it is fun for the time being,” explained navigator Mark Rudiger.

After a week in the deep south, Team News Corp and djuice have started to make their way north-east to converge with the leading trio. The fleet will soon make their way towards Eclipse Island off Australia’s south west tip.

Position Report Leg Two, Day 11, 1000hrs GMT


2 AART (10 miles from leader)

3 ILBK (11 miles from leader)

4 NEWS (38 miles from leader)

5 DJCE (40 miles from leader)

6 AONE (207 miles from leader)

7 ATOO (622 miles from leader)