Yves Parlier's shore team have chartered a salvage tug to go and recover the capsized Mediatis Region Aquitaine

Last night (Wednesday) Yves Parlier’s shore crew set off from Las Palmas on board the salvage vessel ‘Iron Bull’ in an attempt to locate and salvage the radical catamaran Mediatis Region Aquitaine which had capsized on Tuesday during an attempt on the 24 hour solo record. Parlier was rescued but is suffering from broken ribs and is en route to Spain.

The ‘Iron Bull’ is equipped with a RIB and a crane, both of which will be vital for the rescue. When the crew arrive at the location their first job will be to remove the twin masts before attempting to right the boat using the crane. The cat’s position is some 500 miles from Las Palmas and she is estimated to be drifting at 0.25 knots.

Parlier is due to arrive in Tarragona on Friday and after a medical examination will return to France.