It's the first day of the RYA Sailboat and Windsurf Show - sailpower reports on the lastest news and boats...

Interested in discovering how nutrition can help you achieve your personal best on the racecourse this year? Don’t miss the ‘live’ session presented by some of the country’s top sports physiotherapists, psychologists and nutritionists.

If looking good on the racecourse is one of your priorities, head straight for the ‘live’ stage for the sailing fashion show. You’ll also have the chance to see interviews with some of the country’s top dinghy sailors and take part in ‘live’ competition sessions.

Other highlights of the show include a Coaching Blind Date (a unique contest to win a free day on the water with one of the top coaches), a presentation by Jamie Hawkins on the latest news from the windsurfing world, including Team 15, the new RYA youth windsurfing initiative designed to encourage young people to start windsurfing.

There are many new boats on show, including the latest addition to the Ovington range, the 59er. Plans originally suggested that the new boat was going to be called a 39er,so it was somewhat of a surprise to discover that we’ll have to wait a bit longer for one of those. The 59er is described as a “non-trapeze, non-rack, hiking asymmetric”. First impressions are of a larger 29er on which you sit-out, that’s not-altogether pretty. Sue Pelling is speaking to Dave Ovington about the new design and will report in more depth later.

New flair on current designs is certainly the order for the weekend, with many of the development classes boasting variations of already fast and popular designs, for example the National 12 and Merlin Rocket classes.