Two notable efforts to boost funds in the fight against cancer have emerged at this year's Skandia Cowes Week.

Two notable efforts to boost funds in the fight against cancer have emerged at this year’s Skandia Cowes Week.

The event’s nominated charity, Sail 4 Cancer, has been formed to provide and assist in the provision of facilities for sailing holidays and training days with the object of improving the conditions of life for those suffering from cancer and their families. It also aims to relieve sickness among people suffering from cancer, by financing treatment and associated care at institutions nationwide and by promoting independent research into the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The founders of the charity have a serious incentive because they have all lost a close friend or relative to cancer in recent years. Their input is offered on a voluntary basis. And their initiative has been boosted by the addition of the charity’s first patron.

Admiral the Lord Michael Boyce, the former Chief of Defence Staff and First Sea Lord, yesterday pledged his support to the Sail 4 Cancer charity, expressing his surprise at the huge amount the charity has achieved since its formation.

Andy Hayward, co-founder of Sail 4 Cancer, was pleased to have such an influential figure to add support to the charity. “I’m delighted to welcome him on board…and I’m looking forward to announcing a number of other high profile signings from the sailing world.”

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Meantime another high profile figure,Bear of Britainowner Kit Hobday, has launched his own cancer campaign. ‘Ignorance Isn’t Bliss’ is targeted specifically at prostate cancer. The project has a list of supporters that includes Peter Harrison, Peter de Savary and Mike Slade plus Hobday himself.

“The reason for my interest is that I have unfortunately picked up a severe dose of prostatic cancer of the spine,” Hobday explains. “We’re aiming to raise a minimum of UKP250,000 for two campaigns. The first is a medical campaign because the Government doesn’t handle the problem well. The second, ‘ignorance is not bliss’, will be designed to capture women’s attention. This is because my wife is aware that men do not make their own medical decisions.”

As reported on this site earlier in the week,Bear of Britainmeets Harrison’sChernikeeff 2in a series of extra-curricular match races off the Marine Parade starting this evening. There is a side bet of UKP5,000 sitting on the result between the old adversaries but whatever the result Ignorance Isn’t Bliss is set to be the beneficiary of the winnings.