Join the Borobudur expedition team to sail from Indonesia to Africa

The Borobudur expedition team is now looking for adventurous, experienced sailors to set sail in August aboard the first reconstruction of an 8th Century ship. Crew will help to retrace ancient trading and migratory routes taken by mariners who sailed from Indonesia to Africa.

The ship is currently being built by a team of shipwrights from the Kangean Islands, 60 miles north of Bali. Using traditional Indonesian techniques they are building a 20-metre replica of an ancient ship relief found on the walls of a Buddhist temple at Borobudur, Indonesia. The ship will be one of the world’s most unique vessels, combining a double outrigger structure, numerous rowing ports, a significant sail area and capacious hull.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia and has also been approved by the Royal Geographical Society. For those interested in joining log onto which contains details of how to apply.