Miranda Merron and Anne Liardet with the latest Transat Jacques Vabre weekend news from aboard the Open 60 Roxy

Miranda Merron and Anne Liardet with the latest Transat Jacques Vabre weekend news from aboard the Open 60 Roxy

Saturday night

From Miranda

Moonlight almost bright enough to read by, some scattered mini cumulobeasties, trade wind bliss. The autopilot is currently in charge, which has freed up time to get on with various tasks such as putting Roxy back in order, raiding the food supply and sleeping for more than an hour at a time.

I have had a loose leftover baby tooth for years, and it has finally fallen out. No idea what my smile looks like as there is no mirror on board, and it’s dark so Anne hasn’t made much comment, but far more importantly – does the tooth fairy know how to get to 23 55N 21 22W, and what about inflation?


In a few hours we will have been racing for a week. Every two hours between 0300 and 1900, we receive position reports – and the important thing for us is to keep UUDS behind us, and preferably open up the gap a bit more – they are 50 miles astern. The frenetic pace at the front of the fleet has not let up. There is a theory that the order of rounding the Azores High and getting west first beyond, is the order for the finish line too.

There is now a reasonable gap between Virbac and Sill, and the next group. However, next obstacle: the doldrums. While not very active at this time of year, it is always possible that someone might park up for a while… wishful thinking, and preferably not us!

Yesterday we saw Palma, shrouded in cloud as we sailed past. The Canaries have now been ticked off the route, next island group the Cape Verdes some 600 miles down the track. There has not been much wildlife, though yesterday we missed a turtle by about two metres, and there have been a few dolphins. It has been cloudy for the past few days, but today is clear and sunny, and it is getting rather hot. Time to get break out the factor 60 and a bikini.


From Anne (translated by Mary Ambler)

So what of the Roxy Women? We’ve gone off for a unique Spa experience called ‘Royal Roxy Sea Bath’.first a shower with real Atlantic Ocean pressure and as much sea salt as you wish. Face masks of fine sea salt are also the real thing (method: you soak your face with sea water, leave it to dry and then scrub with your hands). I swear, it’s so good for you.

We also get lots of surfing, bar and balancing exercises, we have to pull bits of string and crank winch handles.really, it’s just the ticket! Well, the results are phenomenal: muscley shoulders, cricked neck, red eyes. Honestly, you should try it! Remind me to complain to the management, though, as I did find a bit of fuel floating at the edge of the swimming-pool.”