A rescue operation is under way after Philippe Monnet put out a distress call from his trimaran Sopra

Sopra Group has been enduring conditions described as Dantean by Philippe since yesterday.  At about midnight he reported that the winds were more than 60 knots in his last radio contact. No telephone contact was then able to be established with Philippe Monnet but, given the character of the skipper, we imagined that the situation was sufficiently serious to have justified setting off the beacon.  The safety procedures were immediatly carried out according to those put in place for just such an emergency with organisers, rescue teams and partners of Philippe Monnet.

Initially a helicopter was not able to get to the scene due to the meteorological conditions.  A British boat in La Coruña changed route bound for the trimaran Sopra Group.  At 1215 hours, the British vessel was in the zone and has made contact via VHF with Philippe Monnet.  A helicopter has now been able to take off, destination Sopra Group.