Light winds delay finish in Lowestoft for David and Ellen on the Open 50 ketch Jeantex.

All hopes of a finish at 2100 were destroyed by the dissapearing wind. 3 hours of sitting, losing the tide. The boat has gone well, we know her now and her limits have become ours.

The last leg was slow. It seemed to take an eternity to pass Edinburgh… A nightmare start…Thick fog, looming liners and just a gentle whisper of fading wind…..

We worked hard changing sails so often, but quickly an ache becomes numb, and the constant pulling and winching a means to an ends….to win.

In Lowestoft, it is wet and misty. The atmosphere in the club is one of hapiness and a relief to chat and rest. Last night was hard. No sleep, and hours of helming…concentrating at maximum as we crept our way along the sandbanks…all worth while…we won! 6th boat in again. 1 hour behind the multi ahead.

The past legs have all been very different…nothing the same. From heavy beats to light runs to gentle reaching. A great feel with the boat. She is our friend, and us hers. We know intuitively when she is happy, and we feel she sense our mood too…

The 5th Leg beckons. We are ready and Jeantex sits quietly contemplating her final sprint.

“JEANTEX”, an Open 50, is owned by David Rowen Yachting,and was race prepared by David Rowen’s boatbuilding company, Projection Yachts, part of the Rowen Group of companies, based in Southampton.