Team Artemis report on day 2 of the Round Britain and Ireland Race - just off the Fastnet 9/8/06

Good morning. All good onboard Artemis today [9 August] after a fairly full on night. Breeze steadily built yesterday afternoon, until we found ourselves with up to 27 knots. Down to one reef and the small solent, banging away to weather with Solune hot on our heels. It’s a pretty good motivator when you can constantly see your rivals, and know that they will capitalise on the smallest slip up.

So that has been our driving force, to keep our slender lead and extend. It seems to be working at the moment, but we are not complacent – these upwind conditions are not where we excel, and I think we are all looking forward to be able to crack some sheets, and stop headbanging into this horrid seaway.

We are about 25 miles west of the Fastnet right now, and 15 miles south west of Mizen Head, our next reporting point. Life is good onboard, and I think the routine is becoming normal again – work, eat sleep, work eat sleep, work eat work eat, then maybe some sleep! Seen a few dolphins so far, but nothing major, although the boys did pass an oil rig early this morning, Nobby said his dad was going to buy one – cool…

So, onwards and upwards, and pray for these reaching conditions that numbers (will) has been banging on about. I think that would make all of us happy, especially Artemis herself, who has been getting pounded all night, and could do with some more relaxing sailing.

That’s all for now, breeze is up, so might be looking at a reef…

Cheers, Jonny and the boys on Artemis.