Pierre Rolland (247 - Extrado) sailed out to the west overnight and has overtaken Jonathan McKee in the second leg of the Mini Transat

As the Mini Transat fleet heads south towards Brazil on the second leg of the race in very little wind as they pass through the Doldrums, positions, particularly at the top of the fleet are changing constantly.

Pierre Rolland (247 – Extrado) sailed out to the west overnight and has overtaken Jonathan McKee. Rolland now leads by 25 miles while the Spanish sailor Alex Pella (240-Aquatec-Santiveri Texknit) trails by 51 miles and Armel Tripon, who was vying for the overall lead with McKee yesterday, could notch up no more than 45 miles in the last 24 hours and has slipped to sixth place, 53 miles behind Rolland.

Sam Manuard, who won the first leg of the race from La Rochelle to Lanzarote has dropped two places in the last 24 hours to sixth place just ahead of the young Irish sailor Cian McCarthy who is once again showing amazing speed.

In the production boat fleet David Raison (440-Rayon Liquide) continues to dominate but David Sineau (428 – Pogo 2 Navy Lest) who is making significant ground and who is now only 19 miles behind, could become a threat over the next 24 hours. Another one to watch is Patrick Bot (245-Finis’Mer – Ecole Navale) who made up six places overnight and now holds fifth position.

Latest positions

1 347 Pierre Rolland EXTRADO proto 1340.6 miles to the finish

2 247 Jonathan Mc Kee TEAM MC LUBE proto 1365.7 miles to the finish

3 240 Alex Pella AQUATEC – SANTIVERI – TEXKNIT proto 1391.0 miles to the finish

4 354 Bruno Garcia SALADINO proto 1391.7 miles to the finish

5 353 Willy Garcia CEYLAN DIAMANTES proto 1392.6 miles to the finish

6 151 Armel Tripon MOULIN ROTY proto 1393.4 miles to the finish

7 431 Samuel Manuard TIP TOP TOO – LE GRAU DU ROI PORT CAMARGUE proto 1396.5 miles to the finish

8 393 Cian Mc Carthy THE TOM CREAN proto 1413.8 miles to the finish

9 312 Pascal Doin ASNQ proto 1414.8 miles to the finish

10 260 Richard Mérigeaux BON PIED BON OEIL 1426.1 miles to the finish

11 346 Sébastien Roubinet ADRENALINE 1433.3 miles to the finish

12 385 Jaume Mumbru PORT DE BARCELONA 1437.4 miles to the finish

13 139 François Cuinet REGLISSE proto 1439.0 miles to the finish

14 326 Ian Munslow ISHTAR proto 1439.4 miles to the finish

15 440 David Raison RAYON LIQUIDE 1441.6 miles to the finish

16 303 Enrico Podesta DIABOLO-SLAM proto 1452.6 miles to the finish

17 428 David Sineau FRANCE FERMETURES serie 1460.3 miles to the finish