With one race left to sail, RYA Team GBR sailors and 2000 Olympians Nick Rogers and Jo Glanfield are in a silver medal-winning position

With one race left to sail, RYA Team GBR sailors and 2000 Olympians Nick Rogers and Jo Glanfield, sailed a dream yesterday scoring a first, second and another first to add to their first the previous day and putting themselves in a silver medal-winning position.

Although the Greek sailors Braslavets/Matvienko may be out of reach with a lead of 20 points, Rogers and Glanfield moved up from seventh position and are one point in front of Wilmot/Page of Australia. “We haven’t been sailing too well, so we decided that our aim would be to get a top five result, instead of thinking that we must go out and win every race. I think this eased the pressure and am obviously pleased with our Results,” commented a happy Rogers, who went on to say “we will continue to keep our heads down and try and stay out of trouble, I think Nathan (Wilmot) will try and have a crack at us and sail us down the fleet, we will stay close to him and if we are in front cover him tack for tack if needs be.”

Graham Vials and Dan Newman also had a good day yesterday with a result movedthem up six places on the leader board into seventh position overall and only nine points off a top five position.

Plummer and Hawkley are also sailing well in their first Gold fleet regatta and after scoring their best result of the regatta, a fifth in the first race of the day, they are only eight points off a top 20 finish.

In the women’s fleet, Bekatoru and Tsoulfa are now untouchable with a lead of 33 points from Armstrong/Stowell of Greece. A consistent day from Christina Bassadone and Jenny Heeley who scored a 39th and a 15th to keep them inside the top 20 and in 18th place overall. Josie Gibson and Saskia Clarke were back out on the water after not sailing the previous due to injury and seemed to be back with a vengence scoring a 6th and a 17th. Libby Greenhalgh and crew Ali Mcleod are also sailing well in one of their first 470 world championship and are 28th overall.


Men’s 470 Gold fleet (overall after 11 races)

1st Braslavets/Matvienko UKR 33 points

2nd Rogers/Glanfield GBR 53 points

3rd Wilmot/Page AUS 54 points

Team GBR positions

7th Vials/Newman 75 points

22nd Plummer/Hawkley 174 points

Women’s 470 (overallafter 11 races)

1st Bekatoru/Tsoulfa GRE 21 points

2nd Via-Dufresne/Azon ESP 54 points

3rd Rothweiler/Leu GER 65 points

Team GBR positions

18th Bassadone/Heeley 146 points

28st Greenhalgh/Mcleod 197 points

32nd Gibson/Clark 207 points