Windsurfing and now kitesurfing legend Robby Naish will be attending the London boat show on Wednesday 14 January.

Robby Naish was propelled into the world of professional windsurfing by winning his first world championship at the age of 13 in 1976 . Securing 22 world titles over the next 16 years sealed his reputation as the greatest windsurfer of all time.

Born in La Jolla California in 1963, Robby currently lives in Hawaii where he now spends much of his time kitesurfing and is the current world speed champion in that sport. He attempted the world record last summer and was successful in breaking it, achieving 38.47 knots on 29 July 2003 off the Island of Gran Canaria. The current world speed record for a sailing craft was set in 1993 by Simon McKeon on the Yellow Pages Endeavour with an average speed of 46.52 knots. Naish is focused on beating that record as well.

The Californian will be at the show for just a day and a half promoting his self-branded windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment as well as to support the UK’s first indoor windsurfing championships. Also due to visit the show next week is windsurfing world speed record holder, Finian Maynard. Keep an eye out on Sailpower and for the upcoming interview with Robby at the show.