After last month’s aborted attempt on the Cowes-St Malo record, Steve Fossett and the crew of PlayStation are attempting to set a benchmark time for the Cowes-St Malo


Having broken the monolith that was Serge Madec’s west-east transatlantic record, Steve Fossett’s PlayStation is now scooting about Europe from her Southampton base looking for records to break.

Late last week, Fossett was hoping to spend a weekend annihilating the Fastnet Race record held by Fujicolor since 1999 at a little over 37 hours. Shortly before the weekend however, it became obvious that the weather scenario was not conducive to a record Fastnet time.

Instead, at 0833 this morning, the 125ft maxicat PlayStation crossed the start line off Cowes, in 10-15 knots and under full main and gennaker, hoping to break the Cowes-St Malo record that defeated her last month. The current benchmark was set at 6h 49m by Tracy Edwards and the girls of Royal & Sun Alliance

More reports as they come in?

PlayStation’s crew1. Steve Fossett (USA) Skipper2. David Scully (USA) 1st Mate3. Shaun Biddulph (UK) 2nd Mate4. Gino Morelli (USA) Crew and co-designer5. Pete Melvin (USA) Crew and co-designer6. Peter Hogg (NZ) Crew7. Brian Thomson (UK) Crew8. Nick Moloney (AUS) Crew9. Helena Darvelid (SWE) Crew10. Peter Berry (UK) Crew11. Paul van Dyke (USA) Crew12. Chris Tibbs (UK) Crew