The Around Alone Race Committee's statement regarding Class II competitor Robin Davie

The Around Alone Race Committee has ruled on Robin Davie’s request for an exemption to the time limit rule imposed on all competitors for Leg 2 of the race. Robin and his boat, South Carolina, sailed into Auckland from Cape Town a full 10 days beyond the 30 January deadline. The Race Committee is allowed to consider an exemption to the time limit rule for “extraordinary circumstances” if the competitor is able to make repairs and rejoin the fleet in a timely and seaman-like manner. Finishing well after the restart for Leg 3, with a long list of repairs making a quick return impossible, the Race Committee declined Robin’s request and has officially retired him from the race.

“Robin is one of the most qualified and experienced competitors this race has ever seen. He has completed the race twice, has been a strong supporter of the event, an active participant with schools in the Student Ocean Challenge and part of the race’s very close extended family” said Race Director Mark Schrader.

Robin and other competitors from past races helped formulate the race rules that underscore the importance of safety for each competitor. The time limit rule was added to keep the fleet as close together as possible. South Carolina experienced rudder failure on Leg 1 and significant damage on Leg 2.

Robin believes in his boat and has made the decision to continue the voyage and will sail back to Charleston as soon as repairs are competed and equipment and systems are tested. The repairs may take at least 10 days. When he returns to the Southern Ocean, he will head for Cape Horn but he won’t be alone. Around Alone Race Operations will continue to monitor his progress thanks to COMSAT Mobile Communications’ willingness to continue their support of Robin and South Carolina. Communication, tracking and messaging will be supported by COMSAT for Robin as it has been for other retired competitors.

The organizers and Race Committee of Around Alone wish Robin a successful completion of his voyage and look forward to his return to Charleston, South Carolina.